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LATEST Video #111: Prophecy in the News Update, July 20, 2020.
Extremely Dangerous Killer Heatwaves Are Turning Apocalyptic in Death Valley, Iraq, and Kuwait With Extreme Temperatures of up to 127°F (53°C)
Right on the San Andreas Fault in California: The Apple Fire explodes out-of-control overnight, spreading across 20,500 acres and prompting 8,000 evacuations
Video #110: Prophecy in the News Update, July 06, 2020. Plus, Why does God allow Covid-19?
Today's Message:

The "kings" of the world have their plans. But the KING of the Universe has his ULTIMATE and FINAL plan! It is done, it is set, it is FINISHED!

In the eyes of God, given that he is All KNOWING (Omniscient), all things have already taken place. Satan is already defeated along with his servants. But the world does not realize this REALITY because they are spiritually blind and dead! They remain lost and without hope!

For us, however, we are just witnessing everything that God already saw and ordained before the beginning of time and it is occurring and taking place in real time, perfectly, according to scripture! God has given us divine knowledge and revelation of things to come and these can only be believed and accepted by faith and through the quickening of the Spirit. God never keeps his children in the dark! Never!

Blessed be the redeemed for they shall soon see the full Glory of God! We walk by faith and with a spirit of peace! We are NOT consumed by fear but by the Love and Presence of our Mighty King, Jesus Christ our Lord. He remains in our hearts and in our lives! We are cleansed by his blood, clothed with HIS righteousness, SEALED with his Holy Spirit and SOON we shall see him as he is, we shall see his glorious face! Remain in Peace and God bless you!

This website was created and is managed with the intent, NOT to instill fear in people, but rather to inform, educate and warn Christians and non-Christians, alike, regarding the fast-approaching dark times ahead of us and also about the hope that is in Christ Jesus. Here at, we never say to "take our word for it". We encourage all people to read and study the Holy Bible for themselves.  Many of today's headlines are prophetic in nature and are going unnoticed by the majority. Our Lord Jesus Christ warned us of these very dangerous and perilous times. But He also gave us the promise of Hope! 2 Timothy 1:7 tells us the following "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." Therefore, dear visitors, understand that what we are witnessing, in real time, is the Word of God coming to pass. These are birth pangs spoken of in the book of Matthew Chapter 24 and they are getting stronger by the day! Rejoice for our redemption draws near! (Luke 21:28) God also gave us the Gospel, the best news you'll ever hear. Click Here to learn about the Gospel and how to receive the FREE gift of eternal life!
Many of today's late breaking news go unreported by your mainstream media. No worries, however, we have you covered. We've got the TOP news sources, all in one place! This news section of our page is updated, periodically, throughout the day. Fresh news, daily! Make sure to bookmark and share our page!  Click Here for our Breaking News Center. God bless you!

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There is NO king, NO ruler, NO politician, NO MAN who can stop the HORRORS that are still to come. I know many people think we are crazy for warning of such horrific biblical events. That is fine. Let them laugh now. They WILL be weeping later! Consider the coronavirus and how destructive it has been, in so many ways. You think this virus is painful? You poor, wretched soul! If you only knew what is coming!!!

There is only ONE Savior. He cleanses us of ALL SIN. He forgives us and gives us eternal life. He is the ONLY hope humanity has. He IS, Jesus Christ, Son of God and God, himself!

Matthew 24:21-22

"This will be the worst time of suffering since the beginning of the world, and nothing this terrible will ever happen again. If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened."
We Believe...

By faith, we believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the True Living God. (Matthew 16:16) This site is fully dedicated to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Worldwide, and reporting end times related news and events. We believe the Bible is the perfect, infallible Word of God and it is the FINAL AUTHORITY in matters of spirit and faith! Our goal is to share the good news, The Gospel of Jesus Christ, without sugarcoating God's word or tickling the ears of mankind with man made doctrines. If God said it, then we MUST obey it! As the scriptures declare, "Let God be TRUE and every man a liar". (Romans 3:4) We recognize that we are sinners who have been redeemed, forgiven and our sins washed away by the blood of our most precious Lord, Son of God! We believe that we are fast approaching the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. We, therefore, encourage you to read your Bible so that our Lord will strengthen you with His Holy Spirit which will guide you in Spirit and in Truth! We ask that "The Lord bless thee, and keep thee, The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee:, The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace." (Numbers 6:24-26) Thank you for stopping by and God bless you!
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