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Tuesday May 26, 2020
Israel Takes Trump’s Advice: Denies China Huge Water Contract
The High Cost Of Locking Down America: “We’ve Seen A Year’s Worth Of Suicide Attempts In The Last Four Weeks”
This Should Be A Major Wake Up Call For Every Single Person Living On The Planet

Monday, May 25, 2020

Scientists are trying to figure out why Earth’s magnetic field is weakening
The US is treating China like it’s Nazi Germany. This slide towards a 3rd world war needs to end before it’s too late
‘NO QUESTION’ US in COLD WAR 2 with China – Florida senator
More than 25% of all Americans and 44% of Republicans believe conspiracy theory that Bill Gates is plotting to use a Covid-19 vaccine to implant microchips in people, survey finds
Russia to convene Mideast quartet for talks on West Bank annexation plans
PM Netanyahu reiterates commitment to US peace plan
US Warns Los Angeles Stay-at-Home Extension Could Be Illegal
America Is Reopening for Summer, and Tensions Are High
Trump administration discussed conducting first U.S. nuclear test in decades

Saturday May 23, 2020

Israeli officials reportedly say secret coordination with PA likely to continue
Russia says willing to organize meeting between Netanyahu, Abbas
Could his protests over annexation be Mahmoud Abbas’s last whimper?
Friday May 22, 2020
Trump calls on synagogues, churches and mosques to reopen this weekend
Pastor claims first trumpet from the Book of Revelation is about to be blown
Iran Deploys Military to Battle ‘Biblical Plague’ of Locusts [Watch]
Locust invasion devours food for 35,000 people in a single day - and it's set to get WORSE
World War 3: US to spend China and Russia ‘into OBLIVION’ in arms race
Trump's Space Force could be a gamechanger for the Middle East - experts
Biblical Plagues Worldwide: Huge “Corona” Hail, Freak Sandstorm makes Daytime Dark, Locusts [Watch]
Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm "Amphan" hits India and Bangladesh, leaving a trail of destruction
U.S. to sell Taiwan $180 million of torpedoes, angering China
Iran Will Support Any Nation or Group ‘Who Opposes and Fights’ Israel, Khamenei Vows Ahead of Quds Day
20 years after withdrawal, Israel, Hezbollah brace for war
Trump says US won't close over second COVID-19 wave
The Collapse Will Be Visible: “For Lease” And “Space Available” Signs Are Starting To Go Up All Over America
Trump says US will withdraw from Open Skies Treaty, blames Russia
Supreme Leader Of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Releases Poster Telling Jews In Israel To Prepare For Another ‘Final Solution’ Like The Nazi Holocaust
Wednesday May 20, 2020
Scientists warn hurricanes are indeed getting stronger
China’s scientists accused of ‘playing God’ by creating cloned apes and primates with human organs
A Solar Cycle Mirroring Bible’s Creation Is About to Cool the Earth
68% Of Unemployed Workers In The U.S. “Are Eligible For Payments That Are Greater Than Their Lost Earnings”
Fear Of The Coronavirus Has Absolutely Destroyed America’s Future
Can Israel implement Trump's 'Peace Plan' and still appease Jordan?
Monday May 18, 2020
Rafi Peretz agrees to Netanyahu's position on all matters relating to Trump peace plan
Jordan’s king warns of ‘massive conflict’ if Israel annexes land in West Bank
State Department: Annexation should be part of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks
Coronavirus accelerating humanity to embrace a total cashless society
Donald Trump claims there will be a coronavirus vaccine 'by the end of the year' as he puts pharma boss in charge of 'Operation Warp Speed' to be ready to give out millions of doses when one is ready
World on alert: Satellite images catch China in major military move
Farmers now selling food directly to consumers to avoid government-imposed dumping of “excess”
Some bible scholars believe coronavirus crisis fits biblical predictions of end times
You May Not Understand This Now, But You Need To Get Prepared For The Food Shortages That Are Coming
Fed Warns of Possible Long-Term Recession, 3 Million More File Jobless Claims
US muscle-flexing threatens to open Arctic front in new Cold War with Russia
Trump says he doesn't want to talk to Xi right now, could cut China ties

Sunday May 17, 2020

Welcome to the First Global Economic Depression of Our Lifetimes
Farmers to euthanize up to 10 million pigs as meat plants remain closed
After 508-day crisis, Israel’s new government finally sworn in by Knesset
Is the State Attorney hiding a secret agreement with Jordan about the Temple Mount?
Trump’s WARP SPEED vaccine czar oversaw an infamously BOTCHED vaccination. Wonder why a THIRD of Americans want to dodge this one?
POLAND would gladly host American nukes if Germany refuses, US envoy claims, fanning ‘Cuban missile crisis 2.0’
Thursday May 14, 2020
Mayor of Los Angeles Says “We Will Never Completely Reopen Until We Have A Cure”
'Not Asking for Permission': Hundreds of California Churches Plan to Open May 31
Wednesday May 13, 2020
Abbas: ‘If Israel annexes a single centimeter, all agreements with Israel, US canceled’
German establishment blames protests on mystery ‘far-right’ forces, when the real problem is a lame duck leader & lockdown fatigue
French President Emmanuel Macron Suffers Stunning Setback As His Poor Handling Of The COVID-19 Crisis Has Left France Deeply In Debt
'What else is new with China?' Donald Trump says claims that Beijing is hacking into virus information are being 'looked at' and says he will REFUSE to renegotiate trade deal
Nearly EVERYONE who recovers from coronavirus develops antibodies to it: 95% of patients had the immune cells within 3 weeks, Chinese study finds
'Everything's up for grabs': Soros sees big opportunities after Covid-19 'endangers our civilization'
Monday May 11, 2020
A little overkill? Anti-lockdown protester armed with a ROCKET LAUNCHER and two pistols in giant holsters becomes an internet hit as he takes time out from North Carolina demonstration to order a Subway
11 Secret Service members test positive for COVID-19 and fears of it spreading through the White House are mounting
19 Iranians killed, 15 injured after Navy vessel hit by friendly fire
US prepares secretive X-37B space plane for mission six
'Our life is in danger': Hawaii battles record unemployment with no end in sight
Trump vetoes Iran war powers resolution

Sunday May 10, 2020

J.C. Penney 'will file for bankruptcy and plans to permanently close around 200 of its stores' - just days after Neiman Marcus and J.Crew also filed amid the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic
On Joe Rogan Podcast Elon Musk Says His Neuralink Startup Ready To Begin Testing Implantable Brain Chips In Humans In Under 12 Months
Chinese experts urging 1,000 new nuclear weapons to counter ‘warmonger US’
The coronavirus economy is exposing how easy it is to fall from the middle class into poverty
Friedman to 'Post': We need to strengthen Israel-US ties with peace plan
Experts Say Giant Asian Killer Hornet Spreading Across the US is “Done Deal”
President Trump: 'I do not believe the Chinese spread the coronavirus intentionally'
Federal judge rules Calif. Gov Gavin Newsom had right to ban church services
'What are we doing this for?': Doctors are fed up with conspiracies ravaging ERs

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