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Trump predicts Saudi Arabia will forge ties with Israel. Read More
Strange Election “Coincidences”: 1 Blue Moon, 2 Asteroids And 3 Simultaneous Lightning Strikes. Read More
US Cardinal Raymond Burke hits out at Pope Francis for sowing 'confusion' among Catholics by endorsing same-sex unions and says the pontiff's 'private opinion' does not 'correspond to the teachings of the Church'. Read More
‘Every Woman on Instagram Is Exposed’: New AI Software Creates Nude Photos of Clothed Women . Read More
Francis becomes 1st pope to endorse same-sex civil unions. Read More
Netanyahu: We made peace because we are strong. Read More
“Plan for the worst”: Law enforcement authorities all over America are bracing for massive election riots. Read More
Televangelist Pat Robertson predicts Trump will win re-election and bring about THE END TIME . Read More
Poll: More Catholics want Roe v. Wade upheld than reversed. Read More
Ice Melt in Alaska Threatens to Unleash Unprecedented 'Mega-Tsunami', Scientists Warn. Read More
INSIGHT-Time’s up: After a reprieve, a wave of evictions expected across U.S. Read More
Saudi FM: Focus of Mideast peace talks should be Israel-PA conflict. Read More
New Poll Shows US Jews ‘More Optimistic’ About Regional Peace in Middle East After Abraham Accords. Read More
Yet another warning that makes it clear that we should all be bracing for a major seismic event along the west coast. Read More
Why progressive Christianity is 'another Gospel'. Read More
Trump: Sudan to compensate terror victims, be taken off state sponsors of terror list. Read More
EXCLUSIVE: Ghislaine Maxwell's 'extremely personal' 418-page deposition about her secret sex life must be made PUBLIC, court rules. Read More
“Surprise: Majority of Arabs back Trump Middle East peace plan, 79% of Saudis”. Read More
China warns it will take Americans hostage if US doesn't release Chinese research scientists who 'lied about working for People's Liberation Army', say sources. Read More
Saudi FM pushes Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, nixes imminent normalization. Read More
Israel, Bahrain sign peace statement in Manama. Read More
Eight MILLION Americans have slipped into poverty since May as pandemic wreaks havoc on livelihoods in the US with more than 55 million now earning less than $26,500 a year. Read More
Top World Bank economist says coronavirus pandemic morphing into 'major economic crisis'. Read More
Unemployment aid is running out for millions: "People are going to become desperate". Read More
Middle East Expert: The Abraham Accords Contain “Secret Clauses” Pertaining to Temple Mount. Read More
Why are so many Americans suddenly relocating, buying guns and storing up huge quantities of food? Read More
Trump administration REJECTS plea for disaster assistance following worst wildfires in state's history. Read More
America Has Fewest Cops in a Quarter Century, Data Find. Read More
Security Guard Assigned To Ballot Box In NE Baltimore Shot Early Thursday. Read More
Video: China has swarming drone-bomb system. Read More
Not A Cold War: China Is Using A Digital Currency Insurgency To Unseat The US Dollar. Read More
Trump says he will accept ‘peaceful transfer’ of power, but not Dems’ attempt to ‘take down a duly elected president’. Read More
The economic implosion of 2020: Job losses ramp up again as millions of Americans continue to slide into poverty. Read More
Knesset approves Israel-UAE deal. Read More
For First Time Ever: More Jews Pray on Temple Mount than Western Wall [Watch]. Read More
Christianity deeply rooted in Judaism, new Bible translation claims. Read More
Saudi Arabia is the ‘white whale’ of Israel’s Middle East peace deals, Jerusalem official says. Read More
Severe floods in Southeast Asia claim at least 28 lives. Read More
Wildfires rage across South America, causing 'total destruction'. Read More
There were so many birds falling out of the sky that we didn’t know what was going on in Philadelphia! Read More
Apocalyptic fires cause devastation across Israel, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey. Read More
Asteroid hunters spot flurry of new space rocks headed towards Earth after identifying mysterious new ‘minimoon’. Read More
‘Nothing Left’: How Back-to-Back Hurricanes Gutted a U.S. Town. Read More
Russia says human trials of its coronavirus vaccine have begun in the Middle East. Read More
Saudi Arabia: We, Too, Are Fed Up with the Palestinians. Read More
Record Asteroids in 2020 means ‘Final Redemption approaching’. Read More
Israeli government unanimously approves UAE peace deal. Read More
Boldly going: Trump says he will 'take a good, strong look' at whether UFOs exist. Read More
'We caught them cold, we have them cold': Trump promises 'breathtaking' new documents about Mueller's Russia probe will be released that 'prove Obama campaign and Hillary Clinton tried to set him up'. Read More
America on cusp of a Civil War: No matter who wins the election, there will be no peaceful transfer of power . Read More
ANALYSIS: Why Turkey is becoming a regional threat. Read More
The stage has been set for a historic national meltdown…Read More
WHO reports record one-day rise in global coronavirus cases amid European outbreak. Read More
MK Hauser: 'I feel like the Messiah is coming - these are historic times'. Read More
Which Is Worse: King George III’s Stamp Act or Bill Gates III’s Digital Certificates? Read More
A Saudi Prince Declares Independence From Old Obligations. Read More
Palestinians facing immense pressure to resume peace talks with Israel. Read More
Donald Trump 'is furious' after Kim Jong Un unveiled 'monster' ICBM that 'could hit ANYWHERE in US' and new submarine launched missile - which show he was building powerful weapons while talking peace. Read More
Covid-19 will push as many as 150 MILLION people into extreme poverty by 2021 – World Bank. Read More
Facebook has kept its promise and shuts down Christian ministry’s page that promotes help from “Gender Confusion”. Read More
Signs Saudis are edging towards historic Israel peace. Read More
U.S. hit by 16 billion-dollar disasters this year, so far. Read More
Pope Francis Calls for Giving United Nations Organization ‘Real Teeth’. Read More
It is being projected that there could be an “eight billion meal shortage” at America’s food banks over the next 12 months. Read More
Survey finds that one out of every five Americans could be out of money “by Election Day”. Read More
Cellphones in hand, 'Army for Trump' readies poll watching operation. Read More
A new congressional report proves that the institutions of marriage and family are being systematically destroyed in America. Read More
20 things that you must believe in order to convince yourself that everything is going to turn out okay somehow. Read More
Eric Trump says his father 'literally saved Christianity' from 'atheist Democrats who want to close churches'. Read More
'The country’s lost its mind': Polls warning of civil war, violence shows deep partisan chasm over election. Read More
Israel and Jordan sign historic airspace agreement. Read More
Pelosi seeks comprehensive deal as COVID-19 aid talks resume. Read More
‘No redactions!’ Trump says he ordered TOTAL declassification of ALL Russiagate and Clinton email probe documents. Read More
YouTube removes Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam channel. Read More
Round up the ‘anti-vaxxers’? Enlist religious leaders? Bill Gates warns US needs to brainstorm ways to reduce ‘vaccine hesitancy’. Read More
US push for Arab-Israel ties divides Sudanese leaders. Read More
Saudi prince: Palestinian leaders have been ‘failures’ for 70 years. Read More
Now we can add “a major war” to the list of things that have happened in 2020. Read More
Emmanuel Macron facing humiliation as key region votes on splitting with France. Read More
World War 3 warning: Russia warns it WILL sell missile system to Iran – US on alert? Read More
Erdogan's Turkey: Drunk on power. Read More
Harvest Christian Pastor Greg Laurie tests positive for COVID-19 after attending Rose Garden ceremony . Read More
HUGE! Chief of Staff Mark Meadows Announces President Trump Has Requested Declassification of Critical Spygate Documents including Danchenko Interviews (VIDEO). Read More
Erdogan Tests His Bond With Putin In Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict. Read More
15 Signs That America’s Economic Depression Is Accelerating As We Head Toward The Holiday Season. Read More
In 1st town hall with Gulf and Saudi reporters, Gantz says Turkey opposes peace. Read More
FIVE asteroids en route to Earth in just FOUR days. Read More
'Israel can't be destroyed; most Iraqis would support peace with Israel'. Read More
Jordan, Egypt, France and Germany meet to discuss MidEast peace in Amman. Read More
Macron calls Islam a religion ‘in crisis,’ unveils plan to fight radicalism. Read More
David Friedman: Sovereignty plan won't be coming in near future. Read More
Will The 2020 Election Be The Beginning Of The End For Our System Of Government? Read More
Wall Street Is Bracing For A “Nightmare Scenario” To Unfold On November 3r. Read More
Could Southern California earthquake swarm lead to the ‘big one?’ Here’s what to kno. Read More
Americans Who Hold To A Biblical Worldview Declines Yet Again. Read More
'Exit from shutdown could take up to a year'. Read More
Donald Trump and Melania test POSITIVE for COVID as they go into quarantine following news that Hope Hicks contracted the virus after traveling with the president on Air Force One. Read More
'Dangerous Several Weeks' Ahead: Worried World Reacts to Trump-Biden Debate. Read More
UAE: Palestinian state at ’67 lines a must despite peace deal with Israel. Read More
Donald Trump Warns Democrats About Anti-Catholic Bigotry. Read More
A Swarm Of Nearly 600 Earthquakes Rattles Southern California As Speculation About “The Big One” Starts To Rise Again. Read More
‘Jerusalem is our city,’ Turkey’s Erdogan declares. Read More

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