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First, let us establish one fact, no Pastor / Ministry needs a multi million dollar jet to do the Work of the Lord nor do they need to live in a ten million dollar house while the congregation is struggling to make ends meet. Any ministry that asks for money because God "told them" they must have that jet or multi million dollar house must be looked at with suspicion! Use discernment. Christ did ask for the Body of Christ to support the ministry of those doing His work, but they are to do so cheerfully and as the Spirit of God leads them! No Pastor should put pressure on the church member to give their tithes. It must come naturally and lovingly from the Body of Christ for the work of the Lord!

With that being said, thank you for your consideration in making a donation to help our ministry / organization. 2020 is expected to be very prophetic in nature. We MUST fight the good fight and work, diligently, on spreading the Gospel and continue to reach as many as possible.

Here at End Times Prophecy Watch, our focus and main concern is witnessing to as many people as is possible, according to the Grace and Will of God, by using our website and other tools, to bring the Gospel to the lost. We are also focused on keeping believers encouraged, edifying them in their walk with our Lord and keeping our visitors informed by bringing them news from around the world which relate to end times events and Bible prophecies! Based on various scenarios shaping up in our world as we speak and the language being used by many in the political world, it is hard to ignore the fact that our Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon and warning the masses, planting the seed and  bringing people to Christ is very significant and of great importance.

It must be understood that the gift of eternal life is FREE of CHARGE and is provided by God our Father through His Son Jesus Christ. NO payment of any sort must be given to receive eternal life. It is FREE by Faith through Jesus Christ. However, bringing the message and planting the seed on the hearts of people does take resources and some of these resources do cost money. Radio, Television, Internet, Newspaper, Magazines, etc. all cost money. It is only through the support of other faithful believers how ministries are able to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all four corners of the earth with the intention of winning souls for God and His Son Jesus Christ our Lord.

With that being said, if you are, in any way, edified and / or encouraged by our work and would like to support our cause feel free to click on the "DONATE" button below to make a donation. Give according to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Your gift will allow us to bring our message and warnings to a broader audience all around the world! May God bring you peace and comfort. May He bless you and fill you with His Holy Spirit until the coming of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!

(Due to the IRS's focus on Christian Ministries with political commentary, we decided against seeking (501) C tax free status.)

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