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Nuclear War Brewing

US Provoking Russia into New Cold War According to Soviet, Nuclear War Possibly Brewing

By Precious Silva | December 13, 2014 1:10 PM EST

Russia has been making the headlines following its series of military actions drawing tensions across the globe. However, a new statement from the Soviet says that the United States is to blame for provoking the country into going into war. Mikhail Gorbachev warns that if US administration continues its bid then it can go into a New Cold War with Russia.

In an exclusive interview with TIME, former Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev discusses the implications of the continuing tension between the US and Russia. According to the leader, who remains as sharp even at 83, the West has been calling all the shots in everything. Gorbachev is best known to be a living icon from the Cold War. Despite his previous activities involving the US, the Soviet leader claims that the rising animosity between Russia and the West may lead to a new Cold War. He tells TIME: "Are we in the middle of a new Cold War? Indeed we are."

The Soviet official is not the first one to point out the possible brewing Cold War between the two countries. In fact, world officials and organizations have warned the United States about isolating Russia. Its efforts to put Vladimir Putin in a corner may prompt danger to ensue. Gorbachev explains that the West's attempts to get the country on board with it are the main source of conflict. He shares with TIME that the US "tried to turn us into some kind of backwater, a province."

He also adds: "Our nation could not let that pass. It's not just about pride. It's about a situation where people speak to you however they want, impose limitations, and so on. It's America calling the shots in everything!"

Russia was once a superpower and the continued dominance and control of the American government over global affairs has been frustrating for the country according to TIME. Gorbachev further defends Russia's Putin saying that the president acted on his own but his position speaks for the interest of the majority.

The Daily Mail, in another report, warns that the world may see an Armageddon-like even should the US and Russia fail to solve their "icy" relationship. The report also quotes Gorbachev warning leaders across the globe: "War until the victorious end is impossible... It's time to stop."

Concerned parties should follow the peace deal brought up in Minsk last September. The Soviet leader also goes as far to point out that parties in the Ukrainian conflict have both breached human rights regulations. They are equally guilty but the more important concern is to resolve the tensions.

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SOURCE: http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/575844/20141213/soviet-union-russia-war-vladimir-putin-new.htm#.VIyiU3sdWSq