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End Times Prophecy Watch

"Sounding the Trumpet"

End Times events are now unfolding at an unprecedented speed. This is not meant to instill fear. What we see happening and what we report is meant to bring hope to the Church, the Body of Christ, knowing that our promise and our hope is about to make His appearance. Our Lord Jesus Christ is returning soon.

There are increasing events taking place around the world setting up the platform / stage for end times prophecies and the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ! We don't know the day or the hour. But the language being used today by world leaders and the situation in regards to Israel and the Middle East surely indicates we are arriving at that most desired, blessed day in which the Lord comes for His Church. Be encouraged, edified and at peace. Our Lord is speaking to our hearts and our spirit. He is showing us how close we are to His coming. Therefore, receive a dose of STRENGTH and COMFORT from the Holy Spirit of God. Let us continue to look up for our Lord draws nearer everyday. Do not step off that Rock, that Foundation which is immovable. Be watchful with the full Armor of God. He is preparing us for a very special day! May the Joy of our Lord be upon you all. Soon, Heaven will be our permanent home where our God will be our Loving King! Blessed be our Lord and our God, Jesus Christ the Almighty!

For the unbeliever, let this be a warning to you. The Bible is the most accurate book you'll ever read. It talks about the past, present and future! Read the Bible! Compare the prophesies found in the Bible to today's current, specific events. Prepare to be shocked! Based on current events, the Biblical prophetic future is NOW!!!!....Therefore, choose this day whom you will serve! Choose fast!